remember your emergency procedure?

Soon it will be my 4th year as a licensed skydiver. Something i will always practice is my emergency procedure. For those who is not familiar with emergencies, below is a video:

We train on this all the time, but I still have not got my first cut away yet. With my gear, I am playing extra safe, once the wind picks up, there is the famous saying “Better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than being in the air and wishing you were on the ground.”

I still do not have the courage to write about what exactly happened on my 28th birthday. (an incident that my bags were stolen at the rental car at barcelona airport, i was left with nothing but a phone in my hand.)

While remembering the details is somewhat a bit painful for me, but i thought writing down the emergency procedures could be helpful.

1. call credit cards to report lost card!!!

This is definitely a must, and should be done ASAP. My passport, license, ID cards were all lost together with my American express and HSBC credit cards. Unlike the majority of Europe that you use a 4 digit pin code for transactions. Hong Kong issued credit cards use signature to finish the transaction. While sweden is the only place that they check ID when I used my card. But with ID and card together, you never know what will happen. Luckily i discovered that my things were gone, even with the hope that “maybe i could find it back…”( with the probability is the same as you will end up marry your high school boyfriend) 99% of my heart know that they are gone forever.

I definitely need to praise the excellent customer service from american express, they helped everything very fast, an emergency replacement card were sent to my oversea address just the day. But I was not very lucky with DHL delivery, I received my AMEX card in a week.

Sadly, the classic HSBC credit card with red strip on the silver background is gone forever, it was my first credit card from first year of university. HSBC has new card design.


2. Police report

It’s a must for insurance claim, and assuming everyone now has travel insurance… so get a report.

3. get temp passports

thanks hong kong immigration 24 hr hotline. call +8521868

after a desperate experience, hk immigration did tell me all i need to do to get temp travel document, either to the next destination, or go back immediately. so everything started to work after that.


4. Survive without any cash or card

I was extremely lucky that i found friends who reached out a hand for me and gave me shelter and money for that weekend. otherwise i would not know what to do.

5. The endless long waiting for getting new passport, ID and licenses.. queueing, talking to immigration officer, explain what happened. long line at Transport department to get a replacement license… and still in the procedure of getting my danish license transferred to a Swedish one.