hitting the absolute bottom or end of an era

I had the best birthday 13 years ago, and now the worst one.

13 years ago, a boy gave me a box of chocolate in the shape of heart and we said what we wanted each other to say. We were really good friends, and even though it did not last long. It was the best in my life, and there is always a piece of my heart that saves the memory of us in those young days.

This year, I have my bags stolen from a rental car en route to empuriabrava for a weekend skydiving and tunnel flying fun. And in the two bags that were stolen, there were all my cash, cards, passport,macbook air with all my homework and lots of other programs, id, licenses, clothes, food, shoes, etc… Everything I had for that trip. I only had the phone not stolen because i had them in my hand. It was terrible. I am still trying to dealing with everything afterwards, getting new id, replace the cards… As of now life is still difficult, I did all i could do, now it’s the long process to bring life back to normal.

Around Christmas 2017, there were continuous dreams about that boy in my sleep. 3 nights in a row, there he was, in my dream. The last time, he appeared in my dream was in 2016. And something very bad happened. But this year, stolen bags at barcelona airport was worse than that.

Am I hitting the absolute bottom this year? with the crazy land lady turning off the heating and hot water just 1 day before i leave, not doing so well in the FEM exam, and getting all stolen at airport? and my dear grandmother passed away two days ago. It was a lot to take at the moment. But does it mean that it was an end of something?

In the world where I assumed every one is self interested agent, many people reached out a hand to help me. I’ll remember your kindness. and I will try to do the same to others who needed any help.

end of this era. I’ll try to live a better life. Aren’t we skydivers all well prepared for the emergency?

Goodbye for now.